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Media Room

Jim Stroup

Author and consultant: strategy, executive development, and leadership in organizations

Retired US Marine, international management consultant

“The man on leadership.”


Cell Phone (anytime): (646) 403-4871


Skype ID: jim.stroup

Welcome to the media page for Jim Stroup, author of “Managing Leadership” and strategy, executive development, and organizational leadership consultant. With decades of hands-on experience across all levels of labor and management – and across numerous national and cultural frontiers as well – Jim has developed unique and important expertise in how organizations work and how to manage them.

What’s more, he is an exciting and energizing public speaker who has presented before audiences of all kinds – and even in other languages – all around the world. An accomplished and widely published writer as well, Jim is a proven and effective communicator who can make his case persuasively and engagingly in any medium.

If you would like ideas or insight into challenges facing managers and executives for a story or project you’re working on, please feel free to contact Jim by email.

In the meanwhile, download the media kit (in .pdf format, 3.37MB) about Jim and his current book, Managing Leadership.

Please be sure, as well, to use the links at the top of this page to learn more about Jim, his critically acclaimed and award winning book Managing Leadership, and his wide exposure in the media as a source for quotes, interviews, and even by-lined articles. Moreover, you can access all of Jim’s articles posted here on this blog via the archive categories on the home page sidebar.

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For years I’ve heard business authors, gurus, and executives compare and contrast “leadership” versus “management.” Jim Stroup has a completely different paradigm of leadership – something that really caught my attention. If you’re tired of the same old recycled leadership dogma – check out Jim’s book, MANAGING LEADERSHIP. It just might be the new point of view you’ve needed and wanted for a long time – not something fancy schmancy – rather, something eminently useful and practical.

Read it and reap!

BJ Gallagher, coauthor of the international best-sellers:

  • A Peacock in the Land of Penguins
  • Who are “They” Anyway?

Contact Jim:

Cell Phone (anytime): (646) 403-4871


Skype ID: jim.stroup