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Shape Shifting

Due to an inexorable change in the direction and nature of my activities, as well as certain effects these are having on my discretionary writing schedule, I must herein announce that I will no longer be publishing to this site. The nature of the writing here and the need for regularity in its presentation clearly […]

Constructive co-dependence

We noted last week that organizations cannot and do not come in to existence in order to provide for the benefit of their employees. Indeed, throughout the forthcoming discussion we will want to keep clearly before us the fact that organizations of the sort we are concerned with here are established to accomplish specifically stated […]

Mutual assured destruction

As we prepare to turn to our discussion of what managers really do in organizations, we have found it useful over the past few weeks to first try to broadly clarify what it is, indeed, that organizations do. In “Managing Leadership” I wrote that it is generally ill-advised for civilian managers to look to military […]

The meaning of management

Surprisingly, it isn’t all that clear what the professional activity is that managers do. Indeed, as he delved in to the effort to define “management” in his must-have “Management: tasks, responsibilities, practices” (see review here), Peter Drucker began by pointing out that the term as used in the U.S. cannot be directly translated into any […]

Reading break

Today’s post will be published: tomorrow! In the meanwhile, please see these excellent resources: An interesting WSJ column on what may be behind the drive to refine the GDP as a standard of national well-being. A terrific article on why smart executives can make dumb decisions – hat tip to Michael Wade, the Execupundit. A […]