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Category Archives: Personal Observations

Twelve excellent blogs for the next twelve months

It is time to offer a New Year’s list of recommended additions to your daily reading list – sources that have found their way firmly on to mine over the past year or more. These all have clear staying power, offering value that is both thought-provoking and actionable. I hope you will bookmark this page and give them all a thorough visit over the next week or so. I am confident you’ll be glad you did. . .

Thanks for your contributions in 2010!

As noted here every year, easily one of the most gratifying aspects of authoring a site like this is the interaction offered by visitors from around the world. They present thoughtful and engaging comments from which we all learn so much, as well as offering us the opportunity to discover additional value on many of […]

Roundup: Thankful for the web

As an American living overseas, it can be difficult to keep in touch with the thinking and mood of my home country, and of what elsewhere in the world is attracting attention there. But the internet sure helps in this regard. My daily routine includes a scan of many more sources than are reflected below, not to mention a regular assortment of high-quality blogs. But these are some of the most striking examples of the value of the web I’ve found in the past several weeks . . .


This site suffered a catastrophic collapse earlier this month, and neither the host nor the blog platform experts were able to resolve it. As a consequence, it ultimately proved necessary to delete the entire blog and reload it from a backup which, fortunately, was made two months ago. Nevertheless, all pages other than the home […]

Notes for the New Year

Events drive others until you prioritize, imposing some degree of control on their flow and on the degree to which that affects you – or, better yet, reversing the direction of that influence. In my case, a re-prioritization was called for by events of late last year, and one of the events affected by it […]