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Category Archives: Individual Leadership

Lost in leaderland

When a field of “knowledge” is addressed by “scientists” or, at least, by professed students of that field, it is only fair that we should be able to expect a few things to emerge from their attentions. The three most obvious and essential are: A systematic, coherent model of the field is developed. In connection […]

Management is local

The modern leadership movement (MLM) works hard to promote the theory that there is a universal model of leadership, if you will, that unites the standard concept of leadership with the quantum expression of it in particular assignments. Moreover, key to the sustainability of this movement is the consistently proffered argument that mastery of the […]

Picking up where we left off

A new start This site has just changed web hosts, and will be undergoing some adjustments here and there as it settles in to its new home. Please do bear with me during this. I would like to note that the hiatus in activity here this past year or so notwithstanding, I have not abandoned […]

Reverse-engineering leadership

Have you ever had a boss that clearly had his (or her, of course) act together? He seemed to have all the answers, could grasp the core issue of a problem and resolve it on the fly, and understood every aspect of the business from everyone’s perspective – employees, vendors, customers, even prospects. . .

All about the leader

We have been reviewing the argument against individual leadership in modern organizations. We come, now, then, to an element in this long anti-leadership argument that stands out as among the most noxious . . .