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Category Archives: Individual Leadership

Putting leadership in its place

In this series we’ve attempted to make the case for why managers should abandon the essentially irrelevant (to say the least) concept of individual leadership. As we’ve discussed, whatever version you choose of the modern leadership movement’s (MLM) teachings, you will find that it is essentially meaningless without stressing the singular, exceptional status of the […]

Amateur Hour

In the course of this current series, we have seen that the general concept of individual leadership in organizations suffers from a debilitatingly long list of failures. It lacks system, it defies definition, it is unable to develop practitioners or to predict outcomes . . . But never mind: perhaps it is really too dispiriting, […]

Losing leadership

Let’s review. Here’s the original list of issues we decided to examine at the beginning of this series. Each link will take you to the post (or first of several posts) addressing that item. It is inescapably about the person – not the work. It encourages personal ties which rise to the level of cultishness. […]

Losing track of leadership

The concept of individual leadership and its role in organizations, as promoted by the Modern Leadership Movement (MLM), is, as we have seen, anything from a merely distracting to an outright destructive force. But there is a particularly disturbing feature of it that has a worrying tendency to drive it toward the latter result. The […]

Leadership is loco

We have argued extensively that the modern leadership movement-marketed (MLM) concept of individual leadership in organizations is not merely misplaced, but that it in fact is: at best irrelevant more typically disruptively distracting all too frequently an actively destructive force. Honestly, then, why does this manifestly nonsensical notion continue to thrive so? The fact that […]