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Category Archives: Management Skills

Putting it all in context

We’ve been working to offer concrete examples to explain why a primary management task is to impart perspective to the organization. Last week we looked at just one way the military does that through what is sometimes known as the mission-oriented order. We saw how military commanders don’t simply give “orders” – or instructions – […]

Making sense of it all

We’ve been arguing that perspective is a principle managerial task. Of course managers need to have perspective themselves – but the actual point here is that a major responsibility they shoulder as managers is to make sure that the organization as a whole has it as well. They do this in two broad ways, and […]

Haste makes waste

When managers have worked hard to develop complex plans, and then even harder to get them approved for execution, they sometimes become a little over-eager to cross the starting line. Impatience at the prospect of any further delay sets in. No need to brief-up the employees on this. The plan is management-stuff anyway – above […]

Book Review: Traction

Traction – an apt and reassuring title for one of an increasingly rare breed of truly satisfying and rewarding management books. Gino Wickman’s “Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business” aims to help the owners and managers of a small business to formulate a concrete, actionable picture of the business, and then to use that to develop equally concrete action to create more productive and profitable pictures with each forward step – generate traction to move forward into a position affording new and greater traction. Who doesn’t want to feel they have such a profound understanding of and contact with the reality that drives their business?

Book Review: Acting Up Brings Everyone Down

The question of how negative individual behavior affects the workplace has received considerable attention over the past few years. And it’s good that it should do so, for at least two reasons. . .