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Memorializing mendacity

We are approaching what is becoming acknowledged as the anniversary of the “beginning” of the current financial crisis that began in the US – according to the conventional wisdom, with the fall of Lehman Brothers on 15 September 2008 – and which has since swept around the world. And what a year this event has ushered in, and what changes it has wrought . . .

The advantages of extinction

In nature, there are a variety of ways that organisms can disappear. There are those associated with predation and competition, of course. But there are two others that are integrally related to the processes of natural selection and evolution. The more interesting of the two from the perspective of organizational design is called . . .

Churning culture

A common assertion about the power of superlative individual leadership is that corporate culture emanates from it. There are those who advise such leaders on how to “create” or “change” culture to suit the latter group’s evolving needs or the former group’s passing enthusiasms. Have you ever tried to do that?

Business Evolution

Many of us have a tendency to anthropomorphize the concept of evolution. We think of it as animated by a sort of ingrained competitive instinct, or, perhaps, straining toward a pure standard of excellence, a state of perfection. But the truth is . . .

Fighting fires

Forestry experts used to attack fires as soon as they began, struggling to put them out before they could do what they imagined to be damage to a vital natural resource. As it turned out, though, they had things backward. The experts learned that their remedy was the real danger, the fires the cure. Might not the something like this be the case in a capitalist economy?