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This book is perhaps the most intelligent work on the subject in recent years. . . . Buy it!

Stop over at and see what Dr. David West has written about Managing Leadership. Dr. West is the editor of this excellent resource for practicing managers – find out why he sees Managing Leadership as “‘intelligent’ – even ‘intellectual.'”

Scholars, serious business thinkers, and practitioners will all find much of interest in this book.

Visit to see why Dr. John Walsh believes that, especially in the current tense world environment, people interested in leadership and organizations should be reading Managing Leadership.

This well-written and challenging book is just what was needed. Let the debate begin!

Find out why the famous weLEAD online Magazine rates Managing Leadership as “highly recommended.”

. . . a new look at what organizational leadership really is . . . a clear view

Soundview Executive Book Summaries has featured Managing Leadership in their famous review publication for their subscribers.

. . . an interesting and sophisticated approach to the issue of modern leadership

Or check out and read Dr. Walsh’s expanded review, and why he believes the author is particularly well placed to see through the “puff and fluff” that constitutes so much of the current writing on this important topic.

Of all the leadership books, Managing Leadership is the first book I’ve seen that breaks with the accepted idea of the larger-than-life leader whose visions people embrace and follow almost blindly.

Be sure, as well, to see why Miki Saxon, consultant and author of the must-read blog Leadership Turn, builds a recommendation of the book from this observation.

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