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About the Book

2004 Business Author of the Year First Place Winner

Why leadership must be managed – not followed

Managing Leadership is an essential guide to help managers, executives, boards, and owners understand what organizational leadership really is, and how to harness it to the service of today’s organizations.

Author Jim Stroup brings to the topic of organizational leadership over 30 years of experience as a student of, and participant in, leadership in military, civilian, and governmental organizations around the world. In a compellingly drawn argument, Stroup provides a clear understanding of – and actionable solution to – the leadership crisis facing the owners, directors, and managers of contemporary organizations.

Learn why today’s concept of individual leadership has to be scrapped:

  • It places on “leaders” untenable burdens that irresistibly lead to isolation, loss of direction – and disloyalty.
  • It represents the surrender of our organizations, their owners, boards, executives and other stakeholders to the “leaders”and their “vision.”
  • Managers must regain control of today’s organizations in all fields.

Discover how to:

  • Properly understand what leadership in an organization really is.
  • Manage leadership as a resource like any other in the organization.
  • Guide today’s organizations out of the individual leadership crisis, and into the intelligent management of leadership.

Managing Leadership, by author Jim Stroup, will show owners and managers how to take back command of their organizations – whether business, government, or military – and direct them with effective, no-nonsense managerial integrity.

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Or, download Chapter One of Managing Leadership here – MLChapterOne – for free! (in .pdf format)