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Shape Shifting

Due to an inexorable change in the direction and nature of my activities, as well as certain effects these are having on my discretionary writing schedule, I must herein announce that I will no longer be publishing to this site. The nature of the writing here and the need for regularity in its presentation clearly cannot be met for the foreseeable future.

The site will remain up, as its archives are often visited by readers either browsing from the main page or directed to specific articles by internet searches.

It remains possible that I will write irregularly on a variety of (primarily non-business-related) topics on another site, and if and when that begins a notice regarding it will be reported here.

It has been my great pleasure to have had the opportunity these pages have offered to explore the ideas discussed here. The exercise has afforded clarity and discipline, and at the same time has been both intellectually invigorating and thoroughly enjoyable.

Mostly, however, it has been a source of the most edifying humility to have had the interest, engagement, and support of all of you over the past 10 years. I am deeply honored for your gracious and kind interest in what I have endeavored here, as well as for all the various, principled, and astute perspectives from which you have tendered those attentions.

My most sincere thanks, and surely my best wishes as well, to all of you.

Jim Stroup

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